A Great Mattress Can Be Great for Your Health

A mattress is more than a place to sleep. It’s an essential space for your brain and body to recharge. Without adequate sleep, you can begin to see the affects on your health, productivity and safety. There are some things you can do to get a better night’s sleep.

Make the Right Environment

Start by assessing your state of mind and sleeping environment. Getting your brain ready to sleep is just as important as having the right room. If you are feeling stressed or wide awake at bedtime, you may need help relaxing. Try cutting off electronics use at least 20 minutes or perhaps even an hour before going to bed. Instead of watching TV or using a tablet, try reading a book, taking a warm bath with lavender oil and brewing a cup of decaffeinated tea.


Next, assess your bedroom. A dark, cool room free of clutter promotes sleep better than one that is too warm, too bright and too messy. You may need to purchase thicker curtains, add a fan, reorganize your things and change out your bedding for more suitable pillows and blankets.


Check Your Mattress

An important part of a great sleeping environment is a good mattress. A poor mattress can have you tossing and turning and waking up stiff and in pain. A mattress that is too firm or too soft may leave your body under supported and cause your muscles to tense in an effort to keep your body aligned. The right mattress, though, can help you sleep in comfort and provide enough support for your body can truly rest and relax.