The Curse of the Sofa Bed Ends Today

Sofa beds are well-known for their convenience. Just pull off the cushions, flip out the mattress, add some sheets and a blanket and suddenly you have an extra bed for company.

Sofa beds, of course, are well-known for another aspect: The thin, low quality mattress that does little to protect you from the metal bars underneath. On a mattress like that, it’s nigh unto impossible to sleep well and awake rested.


But a high quality latex mattress can make that discomfort a thing of the past. Better mattresses are also available now for semi-truck sleepers, motor homes and campers.


Sleeping in Comfort

When replacing your sofa or camper mattress, start by figuring out the size and function. A higher quality mattress may be wider, longer and thicker than the original mattress and may not fold into your couch or it may take up too much space in your RV.


A high quality replacement memory foam mattress can help alleviate pressure point pain and the aches associated with sofa beds and help you travel in comfort in your RV.


The trick to a better night’s sleep on a couch bed is finding a mattress that has multiple layers and is designed for convenience and dependability.Often the mattress that comes with sofa beds is single-layer, low density foam that folds easily but also crushes under your weight.


It’s Worth the Investment

It may seem counterproductive to replace the mattress when your camper or sofa bed already came with one but it’s an investment in a good night’s sleep if the bed will be used often.


A good mattress also improves the functionality of the bed, especially if you are blowing up an air mattress instead of offering company the uncomfortable couch mattress.