There is a Cheapest Time to Buy a Mattress

If you are in the market for a new mattress and on a budget, a sale may be a good option to stretch your dollar as far as possible.


Don’t Equate Price with Quality

A high price doesn’t mean a better night’s sleep. A $500 mattress may sleep just as well as a $3,000 one. Many quality, comfortable mattresses can be found in the $500 to $1,200 range, even for a king-size bed.


You may want to start looking at a fraction of your budget, maybe 75 or 80 percent and see what you can find there before increasing to the full amount. It’s always a good idea to look below your budget too.


Do Some Research

Once you know how much you want to spend and decide what type of mattress you want, go online and look at prices and what companies have to offer. You may want to check for a couple weeks or even a few months to see if the price varies.


And don’t forget to read the company’s policies. A Memory Foam Mattress that has a delivery charge or shipping may be more expensive overall than a company that offers free shipping. If you are buying online, look at the return and trial period policies. Many companies offer risk-free trials but you could be on the hook for paying to return the mattress if you don’t like it. Some, though, off free return shipping and pick up the mattress at your house.


It’s Not All in a Name

As you shop, don’t get hung up on a brand or model name. You may find a cheaper mattress from a lesser known brand that matches the materials and construction of a more expensive model from a better known brand.


Feel Free to Bargain

If you opt to shop in person and you’re up for it, try haggling with the salesman. Buying a mattress is a bit like buying a car. The salesman may be able to adjust the price, throw in a freebie or knock off the delivery fee. Even if the price doesn’t change, it doesn’t hurt to ask.


Wait for a Holiday

So what’s the cheapest time to buy a mattress? Try shopping close to a holiday, such as Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day or Fourth of July. Many retailers offer their biggest and best sales during these holidays. It might be worth delaying your purchase until the next holiday to see if the mattress you want goes on sale.